Short story

Step 1. Download
Step 2. Run “instiki”
Step 3. Chuckle… “There is no step three!” (TM)


Ahem… there is always some fine print behind every short story, isn’t there? Fortunately, in case of Instiki there african mango isn’t all that much of it.

Instiki on Windows Installation
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Instiki should run on all Windows Versions. The oldest Windows Version tested is Windows 98SE with Internet Explorer 5.0. The newest is Windows Vista with IE 7.

  1. Download the latest Instiki Windows-Zip from the Instiki Rubyforge Page
  2. Install Ruby for Windows via the One Click Ruby Installer
  3. run instiki.cmd (not instiki.rb ! make sure you run the right one by checking the file extension ). if that still does not work for you, rename instiki.cmd to instiki.bat and try again (on Windows 98 for example).
  4. open your browser and go to http://localhost:2500 or to
  5. have fun!


The only prerequisite to Instiki installation is Ruby version 1.8.4 or greater and SQLite 3.3.4

NOTE: For OSX 10.4, you do not need to install SQLite. You do need to install SWIG. Once SWIG is installed you will need to re-install the “sqlite3-ruby” gem before starting. Once all of this is complete, do the extra steps in the README file. For step 8 substitute ‘rake rakefile’ for ‘rake migrate’.

NOTE: If you can’t solve the problems related to sqlite3 or SWIG, you may use mysql instead (it will be much easier if it is already installed). Create a database named like ‘instiki_prd’ in mysql, modify the production part in config/database.yml (refer the development part) and run “rake environment RAILS_ENV=production migrate” to create the needed tables.
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Test your installation by running this command (same for all OSes):

ruby -v

It should respond with something like:

ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-25) [i386-mswin32]

Note for Debian users: Your life is not that easy. Debian maintainers decided to split Ruby into several packages, so that you can run it in a toaster. Well, you’ll have to pay some price for it. See Debian for further details.
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Downloading Instiki

Instiki releases are distributed from Ruby Forge site . There are separate releases for each operating system. You need to download:

  • Windows: instiki-NNN.zip1
  • OSX: instiki-NNN.dmg2 (not available for 0.11.0 yet)
  • Linux: instiki-NNN.tgz

1 NNN stands for the latest released version. For example, 0.11.0.

2 .dmg is a standalone application package for OS X. It does not require even Ruby. If you don’t want a standalone Instiki with its own Ruby included, you should download .tgz archive and follow instructions for Linux.

Installing Instiki

Copy it to some directory where you have full write permissions. Unpack it:

  • unzip, or
  • tar zxvf instiki-NNN.tgz

This will create a new directory instiki-NNN. Go to that directory.

Within it, there is a README file with some potentially useful information. Oh, nevermind, you are not going to read it anyway. Just do cell phone spare parts:

  • Windows: double-click on instiki.cmd
  • OSX: Double click the Instiki application. The word “Wiki” will appear in the right side of your menu bar. Choose “Homepage” from that menu to view your wiki. See Mac OS X
  • Linux:
    chmod +x instiki; ./instiki

You should see some kind of console, sayng -

=> Starting Instiki on
=> Data files are stored in D:/instiki/instiki/storage/2500

[2005-01-18 12:56:35] INFO  WEBrick 1.3.1
[2005-01-18 12:56:35] INFO  ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]
[2005-01-18 12:56:35] INFO  WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=2564 port=2500

If directly calling instiki doesn’t work on a Linux, try also:
ruby instiki

That’s it – you should now have a Wiki server on http://localhost:2500.

Special cases

Here is some information that may be useful:

Note: Pages below were written for earlier versions. 0.11.0 is quite different. It is a normal Rails application that should be able to run as a FastCGI process, without port forwarding. If you do something like that, please share your experience with other Instiki users.

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Just installed it as a Gem on OSX 10.4, and haven’t done anything to hook into SQLite
or Swig. (Swig was installed awhile ago as a separate DarwinPort though.)
anyway, it seems to work, although i’ve only done really basic things with it.
what’s with the Sqlite/Swig warnings mentioned in the instructions?