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Key Features

Follow or rollback any change to any page.

Take the entire wiki home with you as HTML or markup rolled up in a zip.

File Uploads
Easily upload images, videos, or other files, and manage previously-uploaded files.

CamelCase WikiWords are supported- in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Armenian characters. BracketStyle wiki words work in all languages.

Atom feeds
Know when content is added.

Markup choices
Write wiki pages in Textile, Markdown or RDoc.

More: Instiki Features

Instiki is a basic Wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability. Supports file uploads, LaTeX export, Atom feeds, S5 slideshows, multiple users and password protection. Some use Instiki as a CMS - Content Management System because of its ability to export static pages; others use it for its Math support.

Installation is very easy, whether on MacOSX, Linux or Windows. The package includes a database (SQLite3) and webserver, so you’ll be up and running in minutes.

xbnstiki Maintainers: Matthias Tarasiewicz (parasew), Jacques Distler Instiki creator: David Heinemeier Hansson Maintained until 0.11 by: Alexey Verkhovsky

How To Support Instiki

Test Instiki on your OS and report back to the Mailinglist or file a bug report if you find errors. You can also post at the Instiki Forum.

If you know Ruby, and want to help with development, download a copy of the source, GitHub and start hacking! See the TODO list or the list of known bugs for a place to start.


Instiki 0.19.3 (8/31/2011)

New Features:

  • Source view for Revisions
  • Rails updated to 2.3.14 (Security)
  • Fire proof safes (Security of data)
  • itextomml updated to 1.4.6
  • Replace REXML with Nokogiri in Maruku and in xhtml_safe_sanitize(). (Huge speedup in rendering long pages)
  • MathJax updated to 1.1a final <noscript>Home Decor</noscript>
    Bugs Fixed:
  • Bundler upgraded to 1.0.18
  • Fix null search bug
  • Better text/html serialization (thank you, Nokogiri)
  • Fix Maruku footnote backlink (reported by Shamaoke)
  • Fix Maruku link bug
  • Fix Maruku image title bug
  • Fix Maruku hrule, email address and header bugs
  • Fix Maruku bold-in-italics bug
  • Fix Maruku empty list-item bug

Instiki 0.19.2 (6/11/2011)

New Features:
  • MathJax rendering for non-MathML capable browsers.
  • RedCloth (Textile) upgraded to 4.x (now handled by Bundler).
  • Bundler upgraded to 1.0.7
  • Rails updated to 2.3.11

Bugs Fixed:

  • Redirects and categories of included pages should not be inherited. (Suggestion of Andrew Stacey).
  • Bug in Maruku equation handling (reported by Andrew Stacey).
  • SVG-Edit updates and bug-fixes.
  • Bug in editing S5 slideshows.
  • Unvendor Rack
  • Fix Maruku list-parsing bug (reported by Shamaoke)
  • Validate Web address (Reported by Richard Marquez).
  • Fix a well-formedness bug

Instiki 0.19.1 (10/15/2010)

New Features:

  • WYSIWYG SVG editing (via SVG-edit)
  • One-click S5 templates
  • Itex2MML is now a Rubygem. Latest is itextomml-1.4.5.
  • Rails Metal itex endpoint
  • HTML5 support
  • Support IALs on Markdown list items
  • From the “All” or Category listings, you can export selected pages (in any desired order) to a single LaTeX file.
  • LaTeX export supports \array{} (with no options) and a LaTeX-style optional argument for \sqrt[]{}. The latter requires itextomml 1.4.5 or later.
  • Updated to Rails 2.3.10 and Erubis (now at 2.6.6)
  • Updated for Rack 1.2.1, sqlite3-ruby 1.3.1
  • Manages dependencies using Bundler. Before running Instiki for the first time (and whenever you update), run
    ruby bundle ruby bundle exec rake upgrade_instiki
    from the instiki directory.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Works with Ruby 1.9.2
  • Fixed a bug in non-Latin WikiWord processing. (Reported by Alexander Hambug)
  • Fixed Cyrillic WikiWord support.
  • More informative dnsbl lookup responses (suggested by Toby Bartels)
  • Fixed a bug in LaTeX output
  • No longer conflicts with sqlite3-ruby 1.3.x Rubygem
  • Fixed some Category listing bugs
  • Fixed an escaping bug in ‘new’ and ‘edit’ templates. (Reported by Toby Bartels)
  • Allow special characters (’.’, ’/’, etc) in page names.
  • Fix BlahTeX/PNG path, so equations render in diff and previous revision pages.
  • Fix HTML Export feature so that uploaded files are included, stylesheets load, etc.
  • Uploaded files inclided in Markup Export.
  • Fix Print View, so that uploaded images work.
  • Fix some more Ruby 1.9 isues.
  • Prevent page from being renamed to null.
  • Fix Migration to work under PostgreSQL (from J. Zellman).
  • Updated vendored plugins

(See the older Release Notes in the News Archive)

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